What Makes the Lectio Bible Studies Unique

The Augustine Institute LECTIO Bible Study Series is a uniquely Catholic Bible study program. The Catholic Faith is taught cohesively in all its fullness throughout each study, including these ten attributes:
1. Lectio Divina.
The steps of lectio divina are taught and interwoven throughout all of the LECTIO Bible studies. This ancient prayer of the Church, praying with the Scriptures, teaches participants to hear and also to meditate on the Word of God, making it personal and bringing it into each person’s daily life and challenges.
2. Old and New Testament.
LECTIO Bible studies include references that reflect the entire story of salvation history. New Testament studies include Old Testament references and types. Old and New Testaments are brought together, allowing participants to make connections that help understand revelation and prophecy.
3. Scripture and Tradition.
Since Tradition complements and augments Scripture, included in the LECTIO Bible studies are writings from the early Church Fathers, early Church documents, and writings of the Doctors of the Church, helping to create a cohesive way of learning.
4. Sacred Art.
Sacred art is included in all of our video lectures and study guides in the LECTIO Bible studies. Our presenters frequently show and describe art within the sessions. Our study guides include “Truth and Beauty Commits” to study at home. These include art that can be used as a beautiful accompaniment for prayer and meditation.
5. Magisterium.
Our presenters quote regularly from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, papal encyclicals, and other writings from the Magisterium.
6. Saints.
The lives of the saints are consistently included in the LECTIO Bible studies. The stories of these heroic witnesses inspire and encourage as we see the Word of God lived out by those who have gone before.
7. The Liturgy.
Key prayers from the Mass are brought into the LECTIO Bible studies. In one study, for example, the prayers that St. Thomas Aquinas wrote for the Liturgy for the feast of Corpus Christi are used as introductions to each session.
8. Contemporary Scholarship.
All of the presenters of the LECTIO Bible studies include recent scholarship and research. This is blended with historical interpretations of Hebrew and Greek texts, for the fullest understanding of the Scriptures.
9. High Quality Video.
Our award-winning Augustine Institute Studios team uses state-of-the-art recording with a live studio audience for all of our LECTIO Bible studies. For optimal learning, videos focus on the presenter as well as the art and architecture referred to in the session.
10. Full-Color Study Guides.
Quality, full-color study guides are included; parishes and participants consistently report that they provide an excellent overall experience of the study. Having study guides allows participants to recite the opening and closing prayers; to take notes from the video lectures; and to follow-up the lessons at home with five daily “Commits”, which consist of prayer and study. Parishes with a FORMED subscription have pdf access to study guides for some LECTIO studies. FORMED parishes also can purchase guides at 60% off. If assistance is needed, contact us at evangelization.support@augustineinstitute.org.