What Makes the Lectio Bible Studies Unique

The Augustine Institute Lectio Bible Study Series is a uniquely Catholic Bible Study. Catholicism is throughout. Here are 10 things which differentiate the Augustine Institute Lectio Bible Studies.

1. Lectio Divina.

Praying the Scriptures. Hearing and meditating on the Word of God, making it personal. Understanding the Bible in prayer. The steps of Lectio Divina are taught and interwoven in all the Lectio Bible Studies.

2. Old and New Testament.

Each are studied and brought together, making connections that help us understand revelation and prophecy.

3. Scripture and Tradition.

Writings from our early church fathers, early church documents, Doctors of the Faith. A symphony of teachers teaching us.

4. Sacred Art.

This is not art to adorn or just for decoration but rather a beautiful guide for meditation. Put yourself in the scene. Meditate on and pray with the art. Truth and Beauty segment in each week’s Commit.

5. Magisterium.

Quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, papal documents, Vatican II, meditations and encyclicals from the Popes.

6. Saints.

Quotes and teachings from the Saints. Saints interpreting scriptures.

7. The Liturgy.

Prayers from the mass are brought into the study. For example, in one study, prayers that St Thomas Aquinas developed for Corpus Christi Mass are used for intros to each section.

8. Contemporary Scholarship.

Input from Augustine Institute scholars’ presentations, talks and research. Interpretations of Hebrew and Greek texts as well as historical

9. High Quality Video.

Augustine Studios, a full professional videography team, incorporate images and videos from the Holy Land, Sacred Art and other sources, integrated in a dynamic and beautiful way.

10. Study Guides.

These don’t just replicate the videos, but rather supplement and allow you to go deeper. Each session has 5 days of study to do at home called “Commit.” Everything is on FORMED. Easy access for entire parish. Download videos and free Workbooks and Leader Guides. FORMED parishes also receive 60% discount on physical Workbooks, $5.95 or $8.95 in full color.